This Tool helps writers to find, that which tag has how many followers on Medium.

Q - What are Medium Tags?

A - Read this article by Medium 

Q - How Tags help me as a writer?

A - "Tagging your story helps people who are interested in that topic discover and read your story. Your tagged story will be distributed on all the relevant tag pages,
where it’ll be surrounded by similar, relevant content. Additionally,
when people Search for one of the tags you’ve used in a story,
it’ll appear higher in Search results." - From medium Blog

Q - How this tool will help me as a writer?

A - Read my article on medium.
Additionally, this tool shows you top with highest Followers per post.
So if you are thinking about your next medium story and want to reach a bigger audience.
You can check what are the top tags and write under those category.

Q - What is Followers Per Post?

A - Follower Per Post = Total Followers / Total Post.
In simple words, It tells you average followers per post.
For example - Let's say that #xrz tag has 10 post and 100 followers than
Followers per post tell you that there are average 10 followers per post.
High followers per post value indicate that there are higher chance to attract readers in that category.